Gear tuning

How do I find the amount of teeth a gear has

That information is classified . . . and irrelevant. Gear ratios are used in Forza and they are very flexible.

The reason I asked is in the writing at the side while in gear tune it says something bout % amount of teeth by something (away from xbox ATM )

So I was trying to work out gear ratios as I’ve good a few good tunes but there let down by the fact I can’t tune the gear so It like I’m driving a max pi stock car

So I didn’t know if there is a formula or something I can use to work out better way to get more acc out a gear box

I know this should be on tuners forum but I’ve had no helpful advise as of yet( one reply saying it’s classified info)

Is there a formula or something to help me work out what to put my gear settings at I.e
final drive 3.21
frist gear 2.12
second gear 1.89 etc

As I’ve got some good tunes that are let down by poor gearing that are Iva to slow to pick up speed or go thy gears quick than the lotus e23

I apologize for my previous post. I stated it was classified as a joke; # of teeth on a gear is NOT available in FM. Instead, you can adjust gear ratios. The whole reason for counting number of teeth on a gear is to determine the gear ratio so you are not loosing anything. Cars such as E23 has high downforce as well as high drag therefore trying to calculate gear ratios is going to be a hit & miss therefore requires manual tuning anyways.

There are formulae for setting gear ratios but the most practical way (and fastest) is to go into Tuning > Test Drive then drive the car.

I usually adjust the final drive first then as needed adjust individual gear ratios.

If the car is slow to accelerate and does not use all gears on a track, the final drive ratio needs to increase.

If the car accelerates well but requires TOO MANY frequent gear changes, the final drive ration can be decreased.

This will get you going for probably 90% of the situations.

During the test runs if you would like little extra from 3rd gear then you can adjust individual gear to your liking.

like grd said keep it simple.

Real life gear ratios arent all that effective i dont believe.

Put in sport gearbox and adjust final drive.

move slider towards acceleration for shorter gears and better accelleration at the expense of decreased potential top speed

Move slider towards speed for longer gears and higher top speed at the expense of worse accelleration

May also be worth it to look into telemetry after/while adjusting gears to try to keep your gears a good length to stay within the peak hp/torque of the car for the greatest amount of time. Also you want to switch gears and try and stay within that range when you get up to the next gear too.

If you want to use the race gearbox and adjust individual gears you can do the same thing as above one gear at a time. Adjust final drive to get you in the range that you want to be, tweak each gear a little to keep you in power/torque range, or adjust slightly if you are having to shift right before entering a corner or mid corner etc.

You may also want to keep in mind that the time you spend shifting gears can be a severe penalty on overall laptime. Do not shift if you don’t have to … Try to gauge the difference of your engine bogging down vs being just at the start of the torque section of the powerband. In certain engines this adds up to substantial laptime gains.

In my limited experience ive only used the race gearbox to fix really odd gearing (EG Forza 5 BMW E92 ridiculously short second gear) or less frequently … too long third or fourth gears with no torque & power to move the car quickly.

So for the most part … its either stock box or sport … and use the race box to “fix” a problem. Its all about trial and error as some have mentioned.

Good Luck

maxis, the race trans is a free (less than 1 pi) upgrade when doing a motor swap. Also, there are quite a few other cars that proved really beneficial from race trans like the civics etc. But for the most part you are correct.

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Thanks for that info … I couldn’t quite figure out why some of the trans upgrades were so “cheap” and some were a minimum of 5 PI per upgrade.

You may have to walk me through how to gear those wimpy civics though when you have the time … :slight_smile:


If the civic is similar to 4 and 5 it’s going to have the centrifugal supercharger. You basically want to have first gear to launch the cars and 2,3,4,5,6 as short as possible so you are almost always at redline or higher as they get all of their power at the end of the revs so wind them out as much as possible.

Did exactly that gearing wise in forza 5… but i felt that i was changing gears too much. But ill definitely try it with the supercharger. That should beef up the grunt through the entire power band evenly.

Thanks again for the tip

I must be a cabbage as most of that didn’t make sense to me othere than slide final drive up n down lol
Is it possable someone could explain it to me like you would a child :laughing:

I was kinda hoping someone would say you take X half it it times it by Z add B that will give you a rough guide line then tweet to suit

But thank you all for your replys

To summarize:

Sports Transmission:

  1. For faster acceleration, INCREASE the final drive number.
  2. IF the gear runs out, then DECREASE the final drive number.
  3. For low torque or high rpm engines, using more gears is beneficial.
  4. For high torque engines (muscle cars), 4~5 gears may do the job. You don’t always have to use all 6 gears.

Race Transmission:

  1. Do the same as above. This is a MUST.
  2. Individual gears can be custom adjusted to reduce number of gear changes. This is NOT a must, it is to chase that extra fraction of a second once #1 is done.

Lol thank that made much more sense to me

I now look forward to jumping on there later and try this out and fingers crossed my tunes will be more competive as I can hold it thur the comers than the other cars I’ve raced against its just get the speed up

Thank you for your reply