Gear/speed graph not correct in tuning menu

I noticed yesterday that the gear/speed graph is not correct. The indicated top speed in the graph doesn’t match the simulated and actual top speed of a given final drive ratio.

No one else has noticed this problem?

It may be theoretical top speed, calculated before drag comes into play.

Nope. I adjusted my final drive so I was gear limited to about 150mph but the graph showed top gear going off the right side of the graph.

Yeah I saw this as well.

I had my Mazda RX3 in the tuning menu. The graph says the top speed should be 133 mph but the benchmark test only calculated a top speed of 106 mph.

Taking the car out on the track confirms that 106 mph is the maximum speed.

Graph is extremely misleading. Definitely caused me to question my tune a few times.

Yep. It’s a pain because I have to test drive the vehicle to confirm. It’s difficult to tell if the simulated top speed is gear or drag limited.

I noticed it as well. I’m just wondering now if it’s possible that speed across the bottom is in km instead of miles. It was pretty far off, but not sure if it was really 62% off.

In the past the graph has showed theoretical top speed of the engine and transmission combination. This is the top speed that the motor and transmission is capable of without the car limiting it.

The benchmark data shows the actual top speed based on drag and real world testing. This is the top speed that the motor and engine can achieve one placed in said car.

You also notice the redline differ between the upgrade menu and gearing graph?

The graph has always been off pretty much. There are a few cars where the graph displays correctly, but like PPi said, it’s the theoretical top speed it shows without any limits whatsoever. It’s better to use the benchmark for top speed.

the graph is gears and not stop speed, its the top speed of the gears (if you had unlimited power).

With speed you need 3 things.
Little/less drag