Gear shifting problem with controller

Ok so I’m stumped with this problem.

I am using a standard controller with manual shifting (no clutch button) and there is a noticeable lag from when I shift up or down to when the cars finally shift. This time is the same for any car. You shift the rpms change, and then they dip a few hundred rpm and then finally start to climb.

I had this happen once when the I first got the game, but after a restart it fixed itself but now it is a constant problem. I tried deleting the game and reinstalling but that didn’t solve it. Any solutions? I’ve tried a new in box controller and resetting my deadzones as well.

Also I should note after just testing with a buddy, this is prevalent on single player, but not on multiplayer.

I have the ultimate edition as well if that helps.

You might want to check your mods to be sure that the shift time dare mod is not selected. Dare mods stay equipped untill you remove them.