Gear shift animation is sloppy

I’ve noticed that some cars that have manual transmission, but the drivatar does not even reach for the shifter. I noticed it on the Sauber C9 and other cars. In the Chaparral 2E, the driver’s hand doesn’t even touch the gear shifter, but it still moves. The coordination is way off


Back in the headt days of FM4 most of the gearchanges worked. For that matter many of the dash instruments did as well. Those were the days when attention to detail meant something…


This is an issue I really want them to address. The speed of my shift on the controller needs to match what the driver is doing in game. In addition to that many cars have the driver not shifting at all, why T10? smh.


As others have said, they stopped paying attention to detail.

They have to keep advancing with the times to stay ahead of the game but don’t.

When I played Forza 4 I kept thinking "cool! As if they took the time to put in this feature! So cool!

In Forza 7 I keep thinking “wow, they didn’t even take the time to finish this feature properly or add that feature! Lame!” it’s funny how much of a 180 they’ve done when it comes to attention to detail and cool features being done properly. It’s sad.


I’ve noticed in a fair amount of cars now where shift animations are non existent or incorrect. I’ve driven multiple cars that the driver grabs 1st and 2nd gear and skips 3rd through 6th. Downshifting will grab 5th and skip the next two only grabbing for 2nd. Some may say it’s petty but I find it takes away from the experience.


I can understand T10 if it happens on a car that has been in the game since launch, but the Elise GT1 was released not long ago as paid dlc and the driver’s hands are glued to the wheel at all times.


Turn10 just doesn’t care anymore. There is plenty of evidence to back this claim up in just Forza 7 let alone since 5. They’re copy and pasting the same stuff over with minor and half finished changes thinking we won’t notice and then they expect us to buy the game.

  • they port over the same bugs over and over again
  • some car models are completely off compared to their interiors (Miatas are a huge example)
  • It takes them GAMES to fix bugs like the S15 interior glitch
  • They somehow made engine notes worse compared to Forza 6
  • Nothing new was really added to 7
  • claimed there would be a penalty system in the game (race marshals don’t count). They like to put tire barriers in the wrong spots that just cause massive pile ups because its easier.
  • animations are way too jerky or lethargic
  • drivatars are worse then previous iterations
  • Game is unbelievably buggy and constantly crashes
  • “dynamic weather” when its really just a preset like 6
  • menus are beyond laggy (optimization is horrid)
  • they made menus overly complicated (You cant waltz into test drive anymore without going through a bunch of other stuff)

Shifter animations are the least of our worries right now.
“Forza 8 runs at 60fps and in 4k while having perfect shifter animations for extra immersion, but sorry your 1990 Miata still has hektik paddle shifters for maximum shifting speed yo. Your 94 Miata gets a completely wrong dash too, but hey, we have the correct engine bay and trunk! Authentic straight from the forza 4 days.”


This is from memory so I could be wrong but forza 4 was the first iteration to offer cockpit view and they only modeled about 120 ish unique cockpits and then copy and pasted the rest with minor tweaks. That is why it worked so well in forza 4, the pool of possible interiors was smaller. Also, cars were just less complicated 6 years ago.

Personally I always thought the shifting animation from grid two was near perfect in cockpit mode. The driver would move his right hand to the shifter before I selected the option to shift up or down based on engine rpms and braking. It was a very clever way to design the system.


If you happen to use a wheel, and you’re using in-car view, make sure the firmware settings of your wheel and the in-game setting match on the rotation degrees.

If it doesn’t change it, and the in-car wheel will sync properly.