Gear Blue Gallery.

I have decided to put here all the best photos, from my gallery.

I hope you like them.

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Nice start to your gallery, some interesting angles and creativity. I think the contrast is a bit on the high side so maybe lower that a little, and have a play around with the sliders, aperture being the key one to make your shots pop. Having said that I really like this shot below and look forward to your next update.

I really like this shot! Desperado gave some good advice there :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advices Desperado9009,try other shapes in next photos.


Hi again people.

New cars, new photos.

I hope you like them and see you soon.



Another round of photos.

ohhhh, there’s something about this shot that I enjoy, however I can’t figure out what it is. Nice work Blue, keep it going man!

love this gives me a mad max feel

Two More.

Another two.

Some more photos.

And thanks for all the comments. :slight_smile:

New car.


Two More:

This shot really has a cool street racing feel to it:

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Ferrari 599XX