Gear and Rollbar tunning

Is there a specific formula to tune gears and rollbars? I set my by feel which is probably the wrong way to do and most times don’t work to well, that’s why ask!!
Let me know…thanks.

Nope. Just trial and error I find.

Yeah, that’s what I have been doing. …just thought there’s a formula

There are several spreadsheets that some folks have developed for the gearing which you can google and find pretty quickly. In addition, there are a couple of guides within this site as well. If I come across them again I will provide you the links. As far as rollbars, some folks use the FM or FTC apps…yet, I found learning from scratch and by feel was more efficient and provides a good learning of me. I think there is also a YouTube video by GC&D with some formulas which some folks say are pretty close to those of the apps. You can also check out Kitty’s open source tunes where he provides you with several formulas as well.

I will definitely be on the lookout for this, thanks RelaxtPRkid.

Can you feel when the car has more power?

Please expand on your question…

Well If you can feel how much power you car has you can shift accordantly.

Or just open up the telemetry screen and see at what rpms keep you closest to peak power