Gauging interest for a private simulation race

I’m purposely not posting this in the Racer’s Lounge, simply because I want to attract a specific type of audience. I’m not looking for guys that are super serious, or guys that post top leaderboard times. I’m simply looking for decent drivers that want a good simulation race online with nobody ruining it by ramming or just generally driving like a jerk. That said, here is what I’m hoping to do.

I’d like to run an S-Class Endurance race at Bathurst, simulation damage, with a 1 hour time limit, Saturday evening around 9 pm EST. No cars boosted up from far lower classes (i.e. no Honda Civics boosted up to S). Use common sense. If your using a Corvette, a Lamborghini, Pagani, Ferrari, etc., then you’re fine. I was thinking about possibly changing the time limit stipulation to a simple lap race (30), because when the race is set to timed, your position doesn’t change as you pass or get passed, so it can get a bit confusing to figure out where you are in the field after 20 laps.

As I said, I would like Simulation damage on. So that means tire wear, fuel depletion and permanent body damage. Considering the 1 hour time limit on the race, I’d assume you’ll have to also make at least 1 pit stop (I haven’t tested to see how long fuel lasts in S-Class cars, so I’m not exactly sure if you’ll have to pit, or how many times. If anyone has more information on that, it’d be very helpful).

I think it goes without saying that the PI for the car your using should be 800 on the nose, but I’ll set the minimum to 795 just in case you weren’t able to squeak out a couple extra points for some reason.

Also, as stated above, I’m not looking for guys that are going to blow everyone else away. Neither am I looking for guys that can’t run a clean lap or hold a racing line to save their lives. I’m simply looking for people who are good, clean drivers, and want to have some fun without the shenanigans that go on in Hopper Lobbys. I’ll do this on a first come, first serve basis. I’d love to have a full 16 player lobby. If you’re interested just comment on this thread, and add your Gamertag to the comment so that I can add you to my friends list. When it’s race time, I’ll send you an invite. From the time the invite is sent, there will be 30 minutes until the race begins.

Hope to see some of you online.

I’d love to, but I’m working at that time.