Garage Limit, Car Mod Limit, Game Save, Release Notes for HW Patch Release?

Any chance of there being anyway of getting the garage limit over 550? I’m sitting at 519, trying to sell about 6 or 7 duplicates that I don’t know how I got…

I get into my kicks, like having all my cars white, with certain wheels and tinted windows… I hit the 350 Car Mod limit a long time ago, can this NOT be increased?

I’ve got a lot of hours invested into this game and every time I play it, I can only hope and pray that my Game Save is still there… I see so many topics about people losing their’s and no decent replies. This is a huge issue, I know even Don lost his and there is NO excuse for this to happen. I’ve never had it happen on ANY other game and I’m willing to do whatever (devote an entire thumb drive (2gb/4gb/8gb) to an encrypted backup or something along those lines… or saving a copy on my external hard drive or copying to the internal hard drive. If I lose a few hours, I’d be ok with that, but losing my entire game save would not be cool.

Might we ever get release notes about anything that might have been addressed in the HW Expansion Update? I see Windows got some items listed, but us Xbox players didn’t get anything (as usual), so I just assume that nothing was fixed.

I thought for sure, that Turn 10/Playground would’ve addressed the issue they had with BM Expansion and it messing up the # of Danger Signs/Drifts/Etc completed, but you guys managed to carry that bug over to the HW Expansion.

I still see my car floating in the Horizon Festival Byron Bay… and other little imperfections.

I’m sure this will go without any meaningful replies and scroll off the front page and be forgotten. I’ll also copy and paste this into an email, but having never received a reply besides the Automatic one issued when received.


For tunes do not save them. Just tune the car without saving.

I know you want some saved but work out some of your cars you are happy to tune without it being in a saved tune file.

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I’d just like to clarify what you are saying, SatNiteEduardo. I’m not a tuner, so if I want a good tune, I’ll look for one from a legend or elite tuner. I have some of your tunes on cars I own. I always download and save the tune file and then load it to the car. I know I am close to the tune limit. Are you saying once I load the saved tune to my car I can delete it from the “my tunes” file? Will this not return the car to a stock tune? That’s great if I can delete the saved tunes without removing the loaded tunes from my cars, and if so, you learn something every day.

I was mainly talking about those who tune themselves. So i tune a lot of my cars but dont always save it.

You can try deleting an applied tune from the community/tune setups tab but not sure what it will do.

I would imagine it works the same as paints … when you delete a paint, it also removes it from the car.

It doesnt. Read the couple of posts before yours.

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Those limits haven’t changed for the last four Forza titles, I don’t think they will ever change. I have the feeling it is the result of some kind of savegame size restriction. I am approaching the car limit and my savegame is almost at 80 MB, so maybe 100 MB is the hard limit and depending on wether you use a lot of custom paintjobs on your cars or not you reach that with 550 cars or don’t?

It is a limitation on the save size each player can have for each game in the cloud - and that save is supposed to have all game related data in it. The only way this will change (and there was a small improvement in FH2 or FM6) is for T10 to either remove features (paints, photos, tuning options), dumb them down (fewer layers, less options), or to find a way to dramatically improve the coding for their saves so they are far more compact. Until then it won’t change in any significant way.

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Yeah game is pretty ‘limited’ that’s why I’m skipping the next Forza title for sure.


After you load the tune to a car, you can delete the save file.

Thanks SpikoMCO. Confirmed, I tested this with one of my cars. I deleted the saved downloaded tune from my tunes and it remained on the car. This gives me the freedom to add tunes to more cars after I delete some other saved files. You have been very helpful.

What’s the best way to get this all in order, or at least, how have you guys worked out what to save vs what to get rid of? Not that I’m anywhere near what most of the legend painters are, I’m elite right now. If I delete stuff or take stuff off of my storefront, how does that effect those ranks? I only care because I think I may be close to legend painter, and yeah, that’d feel good, lol. I do spend a lot of time painting my simple little hot rods! I am at the point of having to delete paintjobs as I do them. I’ve deleted alot!!

I’m guessing this is all the “cloud” memory space thing? I miss Forza 4, lol!! That and 3, I think, were my favorite sharing and save systems.

There are many things to take account of.

I don’t know if removing stuff from store front affects ranks, stats etc.

But if I believe I had a paint that will be popular on a car that is popular then I would remove the least popular one I had shared.

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