Garage has been deleted

My forza 5 garage has been wiped and any help with it would be appreciated i have been given the toyota trueno.
this is not my video but it someone with the exact same problem as me
(turn 10 if you see this please can i have my gifted cars because its all i am looking for i would be so thankful)
If anybody could offer me some help I have a 7 day gold trial and a 14 day trial and a world of tanks code too :slight_smile: + some really old Forza 3 dlcs (message me on xbl if you are interested)
Thanks :slight_smile:

Did u complete the campaign recently?

To be honest it’s quite the opposite I only did about 10% of career as I mainly make gymkhana setups. Btw your car clubs epic :slight_smile:
Thanks for replying also :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about this, can you send me a private message please with the full details regarding what you lost.

Thanks for replying :wink:

Did you get my PM`s ?

Had any luck getting your cars back or anything else?

Thanks for the epic compliment on the club. We have worked pretty hard trying to get it where it is. Most of us stopped hotlapping to enjoy the hoppers more so maybe we will see eachother in there.

Sadly not but thanks for asking as you can probably see Helios has been on here and I’ve pm’ed him and I’ve still got no response yet but he’s probably really busy so I’ll give him a day or two. I looked through your club garage and your cars look sweet. Does your club have a drift team? :wink: If you need any drift setups post it on here or pm me :wink: