Garage gets confused with more than one car of same model.

I got hold of another BMW FE to modify and now even if I select the car it shows the other one(Original) right up until you get to the track. This garage confusion is even confusing me. If I exit the game and open again it has reset to my Porsche 944 the first car I got from CC. Most cars stay loaded although it does have its moments this one never will. I have a few doubles but most look the same so thought it was my mistake. The mind boggles

That was confusing.

However, I have duplicate FE cars and it’s not a problem selecting between them.

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Sounds like the car is causing a game crash or freeze in one of the menues when you quit, try changing the paint job and tune and see what happens Could also be a PC problem as dont have this on the Xbox but I do get the Porsch as my load car when ever ther has been some sort of game glitch Apart from that not sure what you could Do as I have 2 BMW FE one maxed for grinding and the other tuned for its Division.

It is hard to manage I have a black and pink BMW FE and the new one that has a nifty paint job in red and black from the AH. Identical BMW FE cars but if I hover over either tab or load the car it will show the original black and pink for both cars. I just upgraded the rear wing on the AH car and the whole process it was the original showing. Also once done now both cars are showing the adjustable wing in the garage tabs etc. it will show the correct car occasionally at the race load screen but if not then will show it at the start of the race on the grid. I noticed I had to pay for both complete upgrades though so it didn’t get confused there of course LOL.

Yep game is good that way you can have 3 different engines 2 different gear boxes and sport as well as race suspension for a car sell that car with no parts on it and buy a new one only to find you have to buy all new parts all over again now why is it that if you sell a car with no parts on it and buy a new identical car none of the parts you had for the other car in garage can be used on the new car.:thinking::thinking: