Garage Discrepancy

I have all the cars (so far) with some duplicates, so my car total was sitting at 538. I won the 1994 Nissan Silvia on a Wheelspin, so the count went up to 539, But there was no sign of the extra car. I removed some duplicates I had in case there was an issue. The count is now 536… still no extra Nissan. I could happily remove another couple of cars if I was able to Remove a Barn Find from my garage (why isn’t it allowed?). That would leave a duplicate Range Rover, which I am happy to keep.

Any thoughts on what happened with that Nissan?

I am wondering when there is likely to be an update to increase the garage size as I am rapidly running out of space courtesy of Forzathon extras and the Car Pass, let alone the first Expansion which I assume will have a car or two in it.

I removed the 1994 Silvia from the garage which from the point of view of the garage showed that I didn’t have the car. Going to the Autoshow resulted in the game saying I Owned the car. Forgot to mention I was playing o Xbox One. Subsequent Wheelspin cars have all appeared in my garage, so a strange (and frustrating) one off!