Garage cars in player mode?

How can a second player in split screen mode use my garage cars? You could use them on forza horizon on xbox360, surely you can on forza5?

Unfortunately, they cannot use any of your garage vehicles.

This is quite annoying for me, as sometimes I would play split screen on fm4 with a friend, and just mess around with stupidly tuned cars, or play tag/murder some AIs just for the fun of it with jelly cars etc. This is probably the area in which this game has taken the largest step back unnecessarily, in my opinion.

Oh well, the rest of the game is fantastic, and it pretty much makes up for the omissions

This is a big mistake on turn 10’s part, for the people that hav friends(IRL). :frowning:

Seems pretty simple to do, but what do i know :confused:

Add this to your wish list post if you hav one frosty.

Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated.