Garage Capacity?

What is the garage capacity on Forza 5 ? Is there a limit ?

You know I have not seen anything on what the capacity of the garage is.

I know you can only have 300 paint saves, so i’m sure there is a limit on how many cars you can own. But how many I don’t know, sorry.

Havent seen anyone say anything about this yet
In previous forzas there were people who went and tested it a couple of days after realease by buying as many copies of the cheapest car as possible but since you cant sell cars back to the game anymore it would be a bit dumb to test it lol
I have earned some 55million and still dont own all of the cars, so I cant tell, but maybe there are people who have earned more credits and/or have bought many duplicates of cheaper cars so maybe they already know the answer, but maybe its just still too early to determine the garage limit

A month ago I heard 550. Which is the same as in FM4. I hope not though.

why do we need a limit in the first place?

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Ask those who had the slow garage problems in FM4 when there was a memory leak issue (the garage basically thought they still had EVERY car they had , had in the game. Bad if you had sold/gifted thousands of cars).
Doesn’t matter what program it is - the more data there is to manage the more resources are required to manage them and at some point in a game like FM (or its rival game - which suffers some serious garage issues despite being of far lower quality than FM), you have to say enough is enough to make sure it runs the way you want it to. Even at 550 cars FM4 can get seriously sluggish and badly behaved briefly when scrolling through the garage. While an unlimited garage would be nice it just isn’t likely given the detail that Forza brings to the party.

Not sure either but I’m up to 190 so far. So at least that :slight_smile:

I’m up to 319 at the moment! Had more but got rid of some crappy ones! Just can’t paint or tunes them all which is a big problem! I’d say it would be the same as FM4 maybe even closer to 600!

Has anyone figured out if there is a garage limit yet?? I maxed out my tunes a wile back, so i have just been buying multiples of the same cars to put the tunes on. Im around 300 cars but at this rate ill need like 700-1000! I know in forza 4 I just had hundreds of tunes to compansate for the 550 garage limite. Hopfully the power of the xbox one can do better than the 350mb RAM; 360. Xbox one having 8G’s.

I don’t understand why there is a limit on anything? We have the so called “infinite” cloud storage (obviously it isn’t infinite, but with 300,000 servers it may as well be). So why are we only limited to so many paints and tunes? The garage thing doesn’t matter much to me. I can deal with a limit of 550 no problem as there is only approx 250 cars in the game. But I am going to probably approach my paint/tune limit soon then. I have multiple tunes for multiple cars. There should be at least 5 tunes and 5 paints for each car, equating to well over 1,000 tunes and paints.


Probably to minimize the effects of syncing the save each time - bigger save equals more load on servers (which most wouldn’t care about), but would also take longer (and people already complain about how long load times can be).

100% agree with you! I’m up to 430 cars now, just wish I could paint them all. I don’t mind having to make my own tunes for each car but really like painting them.

I would not really have a prob with 550 limit ether if we could have 1000 tunes.

I have all the cars in the game inc the vip xtras vip free cars and the double up free cars too with no problems, I can only imagine that t10 have allowed for future dlc releases too so garage size should not be too much of an issue.

While I agree that they will have taken into account the final total of cars in FM5, assuming so would be dangerous (FM2 and FM4 both have more cars than fit in the garage).

Just wondering if anyone has maxed their garage yet? I’m at 470 and still going what about the rest of you?

470? Good grief!!

I hardly own 100, I can’t see how anyone can own that many when there’s not even that many in game yet O.O

Haha yeah a bit extreme I know but I can’t help myself. I have every car except the SVU’s and have one of each TT and S’charged and also NA and then also a fair few with engine swaps. There are still heaps more I wanna keep buying but think I need to save room for more DLC

Someone told me the limit was 550 but I have not seen proof.

I am in the 400s. Only cars I expect to buy from here are dlc plus I need to complete my collection of E21s - one for each track location.

I own one of every car in the game with the only exception being the Day One Audi R8 that was sent via email to some lucky folk.

Apparently I have spent 114m credits.