Gametech GT-PCS509 not recognized in FH4 but in Windows 10 works fine


I got a racing wheel Gametech GT-PCS509 - 5in1 (Xbox, PC, PS3, PS2, PS1) it is detected by Windows 10 and in joystick devices I can see that movement is perfectly detected on all input actions on the wheel and pedals.
However in FH4 (downloaded today) the wheel is not detected.
How to rectify?
When is it fixed, i.e. wheel added to list of supported wheels?


Tried yet another steering wheel, a Mad Catz MC2 MicroCon wheel that is perfectly recognized in Windows 10. (and that works beautiful on XBOX too)

But in FH4 it is not detected, I see msg “To save wheel profile, the active controller must be a wheel”

Is this a trick question? Yes, it is a steering wheel, what else would it be, a vacuum cleaner? :wink:

Was this game at all tested with older steering wheels?

Thanx for swift reply!