Gamestop Ult. Edition Pre-Order Issue

Hello. I just today picked up my copy of Forza 7 at Gamestop but they had to give me the normal edition with a code for the VIP and Car Pass. For some reason the Ult. Edition wasn’t shipping there or something like that. I wasn’t sure if it was gonna get me the F&F and Hoonigan packs, so I tried it out and surely enough I’m without them. I did call back and they were able to get me one code, which was for the GS Racing Gear, but they said they’ve been unable to get the 2 car packs for the Ult. Edition.
So I was wondering if there’s anyone else I could talk to about getting these two packs that way I pretty much have what I paid for.
Any help would be very much appreciated.

You really should be taking i t up with gamestop
They are your retailer you bought from

Sounds like they gave your ultimate edition to someone else
Hoonigan pack was also for digital orders only

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I see that now, but apparently that’s not the case with the whole giving it so someone else thing. Like they just never got it shipped in somehow. It’s a really specific problem and I felt weird asking about it here, but calling them didn’t really get me anywhere.