Gamespot/EBGames exclusive car, where is it?

I tried searching but didn’t find much (except someone wanting a free code). Where do I find that code? I was told at the store that it would be the same code as the Day One code, but that doesn’t seem to be true.


Isn’t it on the receipt?

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It won’t be the same as the Day One code.

I agree with TruePunisher that I thought GameStop printed it on the receipt. I could be wrong.

I got mine from Best Buy this time, and they e-mailed me the code by time I got in my car in the parking lot.

When I picked up the game this morning from GameStop the redemption code was printed on the receipt they provided.

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I called back the store, talked to someone who told me I have been misinformed this morning (surprise!) and that they simply never got the codes. Once they get them, they’ll call (yes, call!) everyone to give them a code. Sigh.

At least the game is a lot of fun.

In Canada EB Games/GameStop the preorder bonus is the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera, however when I picked my copy up the cashier said they had problems with the shipments. I did not get my Gallardo but she said they’d call later in the week when they come in.

Damn tree’d lol.

Which region are you in? I ordered from Ebgames in Richmond, BC. I was told the stores had not received the preorder codes yet. “They are at the main warehouse and being shipped out today and to expect a phone call once they get them in to pick up the code.”

Just picked up my copy and it was on my receipt. Entered the code, told me that it was for the Lambo and then went into the game… nowhere to be seen. Not just missing from my garage, but not even shown as an option in the Autoshow. Hope this is just a glitch and it shows up soon…

Well a buddy of mine also preordered from Game Stop and used his code. In his game the car shows up in the Autoshow at least. Sounds like I might have scr*wed out of my preorder car :frowning: Darn… that was the only reason I ordered from Game Stop in the first place.

Just go back to the store and show them the receipt they will give you the code if it wasn’t printed on your receipt. If you ordered online it usually gets e-mailed in a day or two sometimes I think.

As I said above, I did get the code and used it, the car just does not show up in the game.

glad I saw this thread, forgot there was even a preorder code on the receipt. good thing I haven’t thrown it away yet

I used the code and it downloaded it and the downfall is it shows up in the garage but you have to buy it all itndoes is make the superlegaria available to buy yup kinda dumb.

Weird. Mine was free.

Got my Lambo. Code was on reciept and like all forza games, had to buy it for free

I know for MS Store, the code will be emailed out within 10 days… There may be a delay for other purchase methods as well.

So I deleted the gallardo from my game then redownloaded it and it was free I put the code in on xbox .com perhaps that is why it wasnt free the first time.