Games crashes and returns to Xbox dashboard [Xbox One X]

I have a new Xbox One X and I recently purchased the downloadable VIP edition of Forza7. I’ve owned Forza 5 and Forza 6 previously and have never had a problem.

I played this morning, raced a little, looked at tunes and started a few auctions. I shut down and returned to the game later in the afternoon.

Every time I launch the game I get the Turn 10 screen, then the Microsoft Studios screen but it never makes it any further. It crashes (screen freezes, buzz in my headset) and then it returns to the Xbox dashboard.

I have tried a full reboot of the Xbox, quitted the game multiple times, etc. I have tried launching in offline mode. All scenarios result in the same crash behavior.

I cannot find the root cause. I do see that I have two saved data games with my gamertag even though I thought it should only have 1 saved game per gamertag per device.

I have my previous Xbox One (not an X) and I’m currently downloading Forza7 on that Xbox to see if it works there and still has my car collection and credits but my Xbox One X is hooked up to my race rig so I would really like to solve the problem on the Xbox One X.

Any help? Any ideas??

The problem was related to a crash that ultimately created 2 saved games with the same gamertag ID. I deleted both of them and could finally launch the game. I was not very far in the game so I don’t mind restarting but I am upset that I lost all of my auction house auctions. I had 5 auctions that sold and when I try to claim credits it gives an error “CREDIT COLLECT FAILED”, unable to retrieve auction.

Any ideas?