Game's awesome, intro sucks

How the hell have we gone from this:

To this:

It’s a crime.

Note: FH3 remains my favourite game this year, but I died a little on the inside when I started the demo and that horror showed up


Haven’t played yet myself. But watched the 31minutes of ganeplay video. Thought it was good tbf. Might not be everyones cup of tea.


I liked the 2 intro enough but it felt like a hippie retreat most of the time (nothing against that btw) The intro movie didn’t feel like the rest of the game to me as much as I loved it. This game you are the boss and it feels like it. Getting cars over there and jumping right into the new adventure and starting the grind to Make Australia your own! Felt much more connected to the game.


I have to agree, the intro is so cheesy it reminds me of something from Test Drive Unlimited 2 and that game had the worst intro


Yes! I was also reminded of TDU2 and how awesome it was. Would love to have a customizable avatar again. Driving around FH3 also felt a bit like Oahu from TDU/2 at times.

While the FH3 Intro is not terrible I have to agree that the intro for FH2 is just light years better, but hey that is just how I feel.


I think FH1’s intro blows both FH2’s and FH3’s intro out of the water.


I saw the intro, GotyMan, and it wasn’t terrible, IMPO

I enjoyed the intros in FH and FH2, but not so much FM6.

I’m of the opinion that development time and resources are best spent on the actual game though, where we spend 99.99 percent of our time.


My favorite intro is FH1.

Just downloaded the backwards compatible version on Xbox One and was not disappointed that my save was not in the cloud as I got to watch the intro again.

My only gripe with the FH3 is more that it is a little too simple/cheap and not as musical/flashy.

But not that bothered to be honest.

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FH3’s intro music was really nice imo

But it needs more Dak

I really hope there is a cinematic before the intro races as FH2’s opening was just surreal and way more adrenaline-inducing than the intro we’ve seen so far; no compaints however, FH3 is already looking to be the best open-world racer of all time

I don’t bother about the into vids, no interest in them, never have, never will.


FH3 intro > FH2 intro


The intro was okay, a bit cheesy but it did it’s job.
Personally though I don’t really care how it is. I don’t play the game for the intro. I play it for the game itself. It’s essentially irrelevant to me how good or bad it is. I’ll see it once more when I get the game and that’s it, after that I’ll skip it.

I liked the intro. no horror’s over here and no crimes. ( I did steal 20 bucks from my mom many years ago but that doesn’t count! and she got it back…)

Weird that it’s not live action. Both Horizon and Horizon 2 had live action intros.

that’s why this is a better intro. show game footage and not real footage that looks better than the game. IMO…

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At first I was watching the FH3 intro and thinking “Wow, I need to share this awesome thing”

But as layer after layer of obnoxious voices piled on top of what was otherwise some gorgeous footage of Australia… bleh. I guess it’s aimed at people other than us.

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When I first saw it I thought it was really good too but I can see the other side.

Horizon 1 and 2 (2 especially) were much more cinematic (and had live action) Horizon 3, - if that’s actually the intro video we get - seems to jump right into the game a lot quicker.