Gamertag Pit!

Everything Gamertag! I’m thinking about changing my Tag when I buy the XBO. Any suggestions? How did you choose your Tag?

Hobart Muddy


Armpit? Definitely got me thinking. Maybe … Wet Willie? Ole Smoky? Thanks.

Something like “Dude Shut Up” or “Forza Rules” or “Stop Farting Dude” or “I Got XBOX ONE” or “STOP” lOl…

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Keep them coming! How about “Escape Velocity” lol

I chose my GT because my name is Nolan… and I’m a guy…

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I have been pondering the same thing Smoky Knight…i’ve been using my xbox-generated tag for over 2 years now, and thinking it might be time for change.

But for you, how about…“Gamertag Pit”…that actually doesn’t sound half bad [Y]

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Does anyone have a story to tell on how they chose their gamertag?

After many years of watching Bart on The Simpsons fool Moe with his joke names, I decided years ago that, Hue Jass would be a cool name for my Gamer Tag… but I found quickly that “Hue Jass” was not avalible.
The Ramdon generated name on The Original Xbox suggested that I could use JumboHue Jass, so I did… Funny, but It wasn’t long after that , I received an E-Mail from E.A Sports/Games that my G.T was flagged as being unacceptable/Vulgar… I quickly replied that It was a Random generated name by Xbox itself… and I was allowed to keep the G.T.

This one I have keep for almost 8 years now.

LOL…I would have never figured that one out.

King Sky Moth
Kinky M Ghost

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My Gamertag - Wobblycaptain I got the name from when I worked for a major well know international airliner and I use to fly boeing 747s anyway when ever I use to take off and even more so on the final approach to the runway I use to disengage the autopilot around 1000’ its normal to do so between 500’ - 1000’ and the yaw dampers and fly in on manual control the yaw dampers stop you from doing a dutch roll upon final approach I use to get a huge adrenaline buzz if a switched this off but it is highly dangerous to do so and not recommended by boeing in the flight manual anyway my landings where to say the least a bit wobbly if more so if there was a cross wind my regular passengers and crew use to notice this and as I was captain I became known in the industry as the wobblycaptain hence by gamertag :slight_smile:


I’ve had 4 gamertags since Christmas 2006

Eddie Da Ranger - Name of my old main character on Guild Wars (my name’s Eddie, my profession was a ranger, and ‘the’ was taken).

xBSMx Eddie 97 - Made a local clan made up for a couple dozen people from my town called ‘Big Shot Monks’ (it came up randomly on the gamertag generator, being the weird 11 year olds we were, we lol’d and made it the name. Also, obviously I was born in '97).

themoshpanda - BSM died out, and I wanted a new name. One mate was called ‘themoshmonkey’ and said me and another should have ‘themosh-animal’ for top keks. Favourite animal’s a panda 'cause they’re cool.

SD Blinky - I formed the team DL ‘Sublime Drifting’ over on here, and as the team became more popular and serious, I decided it was time for another change as my members all started doing so. The Blinky part was a mix between the red ghost on Pacman, and since I was out of ideas, I looked through my iTunes (as you do). Came across Blink 182, thought of SD Blink, remembered the Pacman ghost and thought it sounded cool. Decided I’m gonna stick with Blinky as I’ve been come to be known that I guess, so if I join another team, I’ll just keep the prefix. Looks clean and everything, so see no need to change it despite SD dissolving after the end of FMDL 2013. May bring it back, who knows.

MoneyTalks HmmmmFarts FartAttack FartCompetition MayTheStinkiestWin MustContinueGaming




I have a story about my GamerTags. Well, it all started in 1914 where I was about to leave for World War 1. LOL.

So, at the beginning of my membership, on October 10 2011 I believe (only doubting on the date), I decided that it would be Microsoft that would choose my GamerTag. I don’t know what I was thinking to accept that, nor Microsoft, because that was the stupidest GamerTag I ever heard of my life!!! Something like Hummmm Bacon was much smarter…

It was SweptBackHorse9.

I changed on the first months (like twelve), because of having no friends since I had a Kinect and was 9 and sounded like a baby, and, let’s just say I wasn’t very good at racing, and my GamerTag was an insult. So I changed to Racer4Evr. I almost called myself Tuner4Evr, but since it was taken, I couldn’t take it. I don’t regret that, since I don’t really tune… and well… Ever since, I made tons of friends that I mostly deleted on purpose (but that doesn’t mean I hate people, so you can add me, it’s just that that was people whom I haven’t spoke in ages) trying to keep some discipline. How weird; that was the day where I did the biggest cleaning…

I thought it was a good idea to take that GamerTag, and even though it’s been two years, my friends that I have since that time (rare…) like to call me Racer. I love being called “Racer” instead of “Forza” or “XX” like some people call others. I don’t think about changing it, but though I do have some few ideas i’ve shown sooner…

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I think that we can only have 14 spaces for a gamertag. Like; overtime…avalanche…stage left…blown piston…burnin smoke…shut it down…etc.

Actually you can have 15 characters…and I thought of a good idea for a tag…
On you dont know jack you can give your contestant a randomly generated name…like if I were to change my tag to that it would be Genghis Pat.

If you want I could get some generated names?

15…thanks…I goggled my name on the web and a picture of a horse and “The Smoky Knights” rock band popped up.

I find the player’s gamertag interesting for the most part. A story behind each one chosen? If anyone is considering a name change maybe they would checkout this thread for some ideas. Keep them clean is my only request…Thanks!

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