Gamertag Desicions

Before I start Id just like to say that I wasn’t sure where to post this so I put it in the DL. But if necessary, MODS feel free to move it to where you belive is appropriate.

Okay so I’m wanting to change my name as when I chose this it was a rush and I don’t really like it even though I love supras.

I’m stuggling to think of names for new GT. Would just like some input?

Well I like rotarys, rx7’s, supras and turbos (who doesn’t love turbos and boost!!??!). I’d also like to bring my first name into the GT so I get called that instead.

So far all I’ve thought of is the following

  • Rotary Brandon
  • Boosted Rotary
  • Brandon FC3S
  • Brandon RX7

Anyone able to help out as some of the names I’ve thought don’t seem very good.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Brap Brap Brandon

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I like that! :smiley: would just fit without the spaces too!

Yeah, after I posted I remembered that GTs can’t be very long… I had completely forgotten about that. Hey, at least it still fits! Lol

Yeah, I’ll see if anyone else can come up with anything so there’s a wider variety but that’s on my mind now haha