gamertag banned

hello my problem and I’m going to connect to play online to FM6 and tells me that my gamertag and was banned and gives me the address where I write to you for more details of why myself and was banished my nik and bambobill79 I hope for your answer bye

The in-game ban message directs users to as a reminder to be aware of the Code of Conduct. Forum rules prohibit discussing enforcement issues and moderators have limited information about ban details.

Recent bans have been given for inappropriate designs, and unsportsmanlike behavior (crashing other players, including in retaliation for being wrecked).

You may send an email to with questions (include game version, platform, and gamertag). You will receive an autoreply, and may or may not receive a followup response. The timing of your ban will be indicated in your in-game Message Center.

Reminder to other users: do not post in threads discussing bans or obvious enforcement issues; leave these to moderators.