Anybody else having issues with no updates to their Gamerscore? It’s been two weeks for me since release, I’ve played every day, have numerous achievements (over 500 points worth last I checked) and the hub seems to update every other point category (cars owned, miles driven, days played, etc.) every day but I still have zero Gamerscore. I thought it might be that way for everyone just because early launch bugs, but looking at all my friends in the hub, they have at least some score. I’m sure it will all get sorted, but I would like to hit Tier 12 sooner rather than later. Those points would be helpful.

The problem occurs with every released Forza game. Sooner or later it will update.
Got 990G, Rewards shows 175G.

So no panic, it will update :wink:

It’s no bug it’s a tradition :smiley:

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Thanks all for the replies. I wasn’t worried, more annoyed that a buddy played it on release day and hasn’t touched it since has gamerscore points and I have none. #Jealousy

That’s a pity, he missed 100 forza points along just for not logging in (he’ll get em eventually, he just missed the lead).