Game Won't Sync!!!

Please help… my sons Game won’t sync at all. When game is turned on it goes to “loading game please wait…” and the syncing data banner doesn’t appear at top of screen as it should apparently. it then takes him back to the very original start of game. he played yesterday with no problems but this morning is when it stopped working… He is 11 with Aspergers so is very panicked about this. He has spent a lot on different car packs and has built up an impressive collection. we don’t use xbox live and I am a completely clueless mother about these consoles. So if anyone can please help???

Same problem here since Yesterday. :frowning: Seems to be a lo of issues related to syncing Hope this is sorted.

Mine took ages to sync. Now it’s loaded up it looks like I’ve lost my save file. Everything’s been reset!! Any way to fix this?

Same here. I can’t get my saved game to sync.

Same thing happened with me! I’ve tried everything even called xbox support! Nothing is fixing the problem! I’m beyond angry, Turn10 needs to check forums and actually help us. :rage:

This happened to me too… So many hours and it’s gone. I’ve tried doing everything to fix it, contacted xbox support and nothing has fixed it! Turn10 needs to actually read forums and help.

I’m going on not being able to play the game since the update. It broke my game.

THEY ALSO HAVEN’T RESPONDED TO EMAILS OR TWEETS. Beginning to think Support here is about as good as it is for any EA game. That’s horrible.

With the amount of money spent on this, I sure as heck am gonna seek a 100% refund as this is THEIR problem, THEY broke THEIR game.

Yeah i hate this game now because i was level 303 and it did this but eventually synced my game but reset me so im done with this game

Heres the answer, if its syncing but wont stop syncing, get a better internet connection, get a different internet carrier, or listen to what I did,
Usual day, game just wouldnt stop syncing (starts syncing than eventually says unable to sync or whatevs) I was level 120 at the time, (now 206), so I eventually tried many things, one thing I found that worked it just give it time. Another thing I actually did to make it work, was keep refreshing, start syncing ,than bar crosses 10 times, press xbox button on controller and click game again, it will refresh the sync. Hope this helps!