game wont sync and wont start

my game wont sync and wont start

i need help

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After today’s update my game crashes at startup as well.
I’ve tried resetting the app.
All overclocking software has already been disabled, drivers are up to date, windows is up to date, Microsoft background blur is off.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Same here. Crash on startup. Not running any capture software or overclocking or system monitoring software. Any brave soul out there want to take a stab at it?

Would not let me launch since it wanted to do an update. Performed the update. The windows whatever its called on the bottom left of my screen told me that fh4 had just been updated. But I can’t launch it. Tried several ways it just launches a picture of car for a few seconds and then it goes away. This is on PC. Everything was fine before I did this update.


An update…F7 which also just went thru an update won’t run. Does pretty much the same thing. Sooo…guess its back to GTS

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i have the same exact issue

FC on the Senna image and just closes…does Forza 7 Work? is it just Horizon?