Game wont load - Freezes on loading screen wich says turn 10

Forza 6 wont load it starts up and then freezes on the turn 10 loading screen and wont get any further. Xbox support have told me to post the problem on here after they tried to help and couldn’t!

Steps I have taken so far:

Deleted saved game data
System reset / power cycle
Removed and added gamertag
Uninstalled and reinstalled the game
cleared persistent memory
used a friends disc of the game to see if that worked but didn’t but my disc worked in his console so cant be my disc
Unplugged the console from wall waited for light to go off on power block and started it up again
Tried starting it with xbox in offline mode

None of these have worked. Can anyone help please?

I’m having the same/similar problem and have gone through a similar process of elimination. I’ve removed all but one game and all apps in an attempt to resolve any conflicts.

I should however point out I am a complete n00b having only used the console for 3 days and had almost no exposure to any other xbox consoles in the past.

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I am experiencing the same issue. VERY frustrating that this issue would arise as I have just fixed other issues with my NEW XBOX console. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE patch this. The game loads until turn ten then freezes. Wait a minute or less and then the screen turns black and nothing beyond that happens. This was one of my Christmas gifts and I think it would be a lot more enjoyable for all of us here if this issue was solved ASAP. It has worked before this and to all of a sudden be experiencing a bug this quickly is very dissapponting. If the cause of this bug is the consoles OS then it is up to YOU (turn 10, and Microsoft studios) to either adapt the game or fix a possible compatibility issue within the Xbox ones OS. It is always wise to not dissappoint ones customers.

Ditto Guys…this error is now happening on my sons xbox one forza console with the downloaded version of the game. Its crazy he’s only been playing it 3 days. Will someone from Turn 10 / Microsoft answer us on this matter do you think. Its not the console as he’s playing COD BO3 fine online. Thanks

I tried all of the above too when I got the “Load failed (an unknown error ocurred)” message. Checkout the same titled thread in support on these forums for an interesting link in to how to do a hard reset/cold re-boot properly though. Remember to take the power lead out of the back of the console as well as unplugging from the wall socket.

I have discovered that my problem is that my gamesave won’t sync properly. After reaching level 870 with 200 plus cars and well over 200m in credits! My advice would be to get in touch with Microsoft and or Turn 10 and ask if there is anything that can be done. Alternatively you could do as I did and delete your gamesave from the console by going in to “My games and apps.” If you take that option and not the one to delete permanently you may be able to get it back at a later date.

When you go in to FM6 again start a new game and start from scratch unfortunately. The following time you go in to FM6 it will ask you which gamesave you want to use. The option will either be your old one which is now in the Xbox Live cloud or your new one which is saved on the console. If you choose your new one it should sync ok That way you can play Forza 6 again. If unlike me you haven’t put hundreds of hours in to it you may well be happy enough to do this. I have put those hours in but I’m still happy enough and admittedly a bit too easily pleased

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None of these options to rectify the problem appear to work as far as i can see. Getting a call back for microsoft shortly. Ill see what they say - restore to factory settings no doubt. Anyone else having a load up black screen with fifa 16 aswell? The xbox 360 is so reliable compared to this heap of junk!

I’m having exactly the same issue
I spent 4hrs with Microsoft support trying to sort it but in the end they said they have done all they could to help me and I should contact turn10
How do I contact turn10 ? I can’t find any where on here to contact them
Looking at all the posts about different issues on here but never see anything like a response from turn10
The only way I can see me playing forza6 again is to buy new Xbox one, another new game and create a new Microsoft account and then it will probably happen all over again

I have just signed into Xbox live with a friends account and the game WORKS
YIPPEE I can now play forza 6 again
BUT now the real question is WHY doesn’t it work with my Xbox live account ??
TURN10 I’ve sorted some of your problems YOU NEED TO DO THE REST

Hi all, I had to restore my xbox to factory setting to get it to work. As all my saves were in the cloud so i carried on from where i left off. So no big loss for me.