Game wont launch on PC , teredor tunneling is fine !! whats the problem now !! Plz help !!

Now my game wont launch on pc , I’m stuck at the screen when you open the game , black screen with the forza picture.

My teredor tunneling is fine I check everything , and now game wont launch , so frustrating cant even play 2 nights in a row without it buging or crashing

Please fix this !!!

Currently installing the Fall creators update , we’ll see if it changes something !! But I dont think so !!

Same stuff here, not working, already have the Fall Creators Update.

I had the same thing as you guys after the Win10 creators update, game would start and close in 3 seconds.

I have however managed to get mine working again by simply uninstalling the hoonigan pack, and then re-installing it, game now works.

I mention it here in case it helps others.