Game won’t start

I open up forza get onto the loading screen it’s loading then the game crashes any suggestions on a fix or if you know what’s wrong

Same issus here!

Open a ticket at link below:

I got same problem too and no one care.,Never had any issues with the game until yesterday.If you reset the game in windoes apps and them try to play if you do not let sync you can play, but will lost all your progress. I can see the loading screen and the welcome screen, but after I press A/enter to sign up to my account and sync the saved game (I guess) it crashes again, and again, and again.FORZA IS ONE OF THE WORST support team in game industry . Is it so difficult to reply ??? AND TELL anything bad/good ? They don’t want even to make people calm and do something. Its unbelieveble . Thank you forza support for not doing nothing. Congrat ! Thank you for useless support tickets option . already left ( I think 3 different tickets ) in 2 weeks. IM SURE that LAST ONE! NEVER buy anything from those people =)

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