Game updating 1.39GB

Hi there! I just decided to play some FH4 and game and my surprise in-game “Servers are not avaliable with current version” or something like that, and i realized my game was not up to date.
Then i saw a 1.39GB update, but what’s the change? Anything we should know? Are we getting a RIMAC engine swap? Kappa

Hopefully bug fixes.

was one on top of the 8gb post lego to fix full garage glitch now need one for new weekly forzathon bug.

Is this just on XBox or is it on PC as well? The Microsoft Store is not finding any updates for FH4 here, at least for now.

Anyway, tomorrow there will be the PG and Forza Monthly streams concening Series 11, so we were always destined to get some manner of update sooner or later anyway.

I don’t have any updates on XBox.

I’m not showing an update on X1X, launched game, didn’t trigger an update. Still showing 317.24.0

Same here. Restarted the game, even restarted my whole console, but no updates are triggered. Still showing the same game version as well.

OP are you playing on X1 or PC? I’m seeing so many posts in the community support threads about a potentially savegame-corrupting bug on PC that I’m afraid to even launch my game now fearing that that same bug would crash my game and erase all my 8 months worth of progress. Hopefully this is some form of fix to that bug.

Whatever. If an update is coming I’ll be ready. Otherwise I’ll wait for the monthly stream thing and the official statements therein.

That’s very wise.

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