Game Suddenly Won't Start

Been playing since day 1 of ultimate release on PC, this is the first time this has happened. Was playing earlier today, did a couple league races, and downloaded the new cars, and bought the new Specialty dealer cars, then shut down to watch a movie with the family. Just tried to turn the game back on again and nothing. When I click the launch button the splash screen opens for a brief second, then CTD. Re-booted the machine, no good, still won’t launch.

Well, oddly enough, I opened the XBOX app for Windows 10, and it asked me to put in my password rather than just starting like normal. It then opened the xbox app, and now Forza is working again. Very strange, and I’m not even sure if that is what fixed it, but its working again, at least for now. This website looks all messed up though. Where I typically see each posters avatar on the left, I’m seeing the message about this site using cookies there instead, on ALL of them.