Game Suddenly Crashes Relentlessly

I’ve been playing the game a couple days now, only had one crash that happened during a rewards screen.

But the past half hour I’ve been trying to play the game and it crashes constantly on a black screen after I hit ‘Continue’ at the main menu. It gets past the initial loading preview screens, then crashes right before it’s about to fully load in, with one time actually getting an image before crashing a second later. Three times in a row, it crashed like this. I tried downclocking my GPU, tried a couple more times, no help. Then I reset my PC, tried it twice more after that and still just keeps crashing at the same place.

On the latest Nvidia drivers, but again, I was playing mostly fine before(I’ve sadly come to accept that crashes in Forza on PC will happen from time to time…). But I cannot even play the game anymore. At all. This is really just totally unacceptable and after two full game releases, the fact that this still cant be sorted, and in fact seems to be even worse, seems to me that something is going very wrong with this UWP/DX12 development of these games on PC. I know development on PC isn’t easy, but most developers seem to manage an acceptable level of stability. Figure it out, please. Panic pile some people on this issue because this sort of thing cant keep happening going forward. I certainly cant recommend this game to anybody else with this sort of thing still going on.

Until then, I suppose I will just have to play other games and randomly try every once in a while in the hopes that your app decides it might want to work finally. smh