Game stuck on one manufacturer?

I have an oddball problem here. It’s probably a feature but I absolutely can not find my way out of it.

I did the seasonal Porsche challenge. Now, afterwards,
Going to “my cars” via the pause screen or while in a house, I can only see Porsches.
I can go to barnfinds and see all of those. I can go do a race and select a car from those options. That works fine. But I can’t sinoly pick a car and change it. I can’t sort by manufacturer, I can’t junp to manufacturer, only Porsche is available.

Somehow some way I have blocked all other cars…

Any help? Something I’m over looking here.

Update, restarting didn’t help either.

But I did another seasonal championship and all is well now.

Same thing happened to me last night. Did a race and it was fine.

A new bug that appeared when they added the feature to check eligible vehicles for a seasonal championship. Had the same problem last week and again last night with the classic racers championship. Went away after I received the MB Pagoda.

It’s a bug; if you start to enter a championship with limited vehicle selection, but back out before selecting a vehicle, the garage and autoshow will stick to filtering cars of that manufacturer/class/championship until you enter a race and quit.

me too have the same problem … only porsche are shown… was a bit shocked at first… i thought i lost all my cars…

I had that panic after the summer track toys event. I went to favorites after the win, and all my cars were gone. I was able to reset on a restart of game.

Of note, before reset, when I went to filters, car types were not selectable from filter menu.

I play on PC so wonder if overall or a system problem.

Had it on PC and box.