Game Stops responding to wheel inputs

Had this problem before however it seems to be happening with increased probability lately. Will load into an online race and when it says “go” nothing happens. all that II can do is use the right stick on my controller to look around and the xbox buttons (both wheel and controller) to go to the home screen. No amount of re-setting my wheel or going back and forth to the home screen has helped. The only fix I’ve found is just killing the game and re-launching. Anyone got any Ideas?

ayyyy same thing happens to me. What wheel are you using? My fix is to either kill the game, or use my controller to bring up the home bar, which pauses the game (as you probably have figured the start button doesn’t work when this happens), and exit the race. Usually when the next race loads, I’m golden. If I let it time out and disconnect me, it starts an endless cycle of loading the race and not being able to drive.

thrustmaster TX. I can’t even quit the race I have to straight kill the game and try again. Had it happen 4 times in an hour yesterday was straight up ready to huck my Xbox out the window.

Using the same wheel here. I’m wondering if it’s Forza not getting along with it. You can’t use the start button to bring up the menu so you can quit the race, you have to hit the home button, then exit out of the sidebar it brings up. It will automatically bring up the menu where you can quit the race when you do this.

Someone suggested that you update the wheel’s firmware to the latest edition, which I think is 51 now. It seemed to help with some of the random FFB issues I was having in menus, but the issue you’re describing persists.

Launch the game with only the wheel connected. Once the game is at the loading screen you will have the option to log in via the wheel. After that wait until the main menu is up and operational through the wheel controls. Only then may you power on your Xbox controller.

Source: TX owner for almost 2 years.

That doesn’t solve the issue. At least not for me. If his issue is like mine, the game will function completely normal, but one race it’ll just not respond. Neither will the controller.

Source: TX owner since Forza 6 release.

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It’s a waist of time nothing works exept power down the system and restart . I have had the same problem so ce day one and still no response except I must have a problem with my hardware ( which is defiantly not the case as i have 3 brand new wheels from logitec ) its beyond a joke its like t10 dont even want to know