Game resets options randomly (PC)

So I’ve started playing Forza Motorsport 7 again on my PC for the past week or so and the game resets my options to default from time to time. It doesn’t do it with the assists options, but mainly the graphical ones and will reset itself to the default crappy dynamic settings that make no sense for PC. It also seems to reset my HUD options without actually changing anything, what I mean by this is that for example I use the simulation movement camera (or something like that) and it will reset it to normal even tho I still have the “simulation” option selected. So I have to go on the HUD menu, change it to something else and then simulation again for it to be selected until the next time Forza decides that I have to do it again.

Is there a way to solve this ? It’s not game breaking but it happens pretty much every other day and it’s getting to me.