Game requires Win10 version 15063 yet this version isn available via automatic update

It seems rather strange to me that the game requires Win10 version 15063 aka Creators Update, which you can download manually only. The fact that this version isn’t available via auto update and a lot of people , myself included, have been experiencing issues with it clearly shows that it’s more like a beta version of the upcoming Fall Creators Update. In fact many people aren’t even aware of this version because Win10 doesn’t download it automatically. FH3 requires version 14393 aka Anniversary Update, which was a major update and was avaiable for download via auto update so pretty much everyone got it or at least was aware of it. In comparison Forza 7 requires a “beta” version of a major update, which people either haven’t heard of or have to download manually. Isn’t this odd?

It isnt a beta update, its been out since around april of this year for manual download. Soon after is was being rolled out as an automatic update. Doubt it will cause trouble for many people
All my computers got it around the end of may begin of june (main pc done manually).
Its hard to believe the rollout is not complete, since the next major update is coming this fall.
Maybe double check your settings for the auto update.

After all we are the administrators of our own system, and therefore should know what the status of our systems are. And act accordingly when automated programs fail.
this last comment is not an attack at your person. It’s just how it is and should be, how naive that may be.


It is not automatic if you are on Windows 10 Pro.

Windows update says my system is fully up to date but gives this message:

And no, I’ll wait till it’s released automatically. I did try it manually a few months ago, and it caused FH3 to no longer work, so I rolled back. It’s the usual way with Microsoft stuff, nothing works properly half the time.

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Windows 10 Pro updates are automatic … but you do have an option to defer them for a while. I am running Win 10 Pro and the Creators Update hit me automatically a few weeks back. There have been problems with the Creators Update reported by many many users everywhere … particularly with respect to internet connectivity. I experienced these same issues myself as soon as the Creators Update was installed on my pc. I tried for about three days to work with it … but it got so bad for me that I eventually rolled the update back. All of my issues immediately went away. I have been deferring the Creators Update ever since then and will continue to do so for as long as I can.

That’s exactly my situation.

Why are you asking about this here? You can always download it manually. Turn 10 does not control Windows updates.


I guess the OP was just trying to highlight the fact for the benefit of people who don’t read the “requirements”…

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I would hazard an educated guess that most people who use their PCs for gaming will be running Win10 Home, and so should have the update already. Anyone running the Pro Edition on their home PC - where the big updates are delayed from being automatically applied to allow enterprise IT departments time to test app compatibility and plan a rollout - is likely to know how to apply such a patch manually.

I’ve been the owner of a small IT consulting company for over 22 years so take this for what it’s worth. I have six different computers that I use personally almost everyday, all of them are running Windows 10 Pro, all of them received the creators update automatically. Not a single one of them has given me a problem. I also administer for about 20 companies, probably close to 150 total users. Every single one of them that’s on Windows 10 is using the pro version and every single one has the creators update. Total number of reported problems since the creators update… 0, not one. So there may be issues with it, but I think it’s being blown out of proportion by the squeaky wheels.


Consider yourself and your users lucky then. In the wake of the initial release and reported problems with the Creators Update … MS issued a release acknowledging that there were issues with the update and even slowed down the frequency of the update pushes to try and limit the number of users impacted. In the months since then, MS has released multiple additional “hot fix” updates to try and address many of the problems.

Can you please provide an official source of where this is stated as a definite requirement.
I can’t seem to find this info anywhere (except your post) and that includes other threads in this forum, although I could have simply missed it. All the info I’ve found states Windows 10 with no mention of a particular build being required. For Apex the required build was clearly stated along with the other info, but not so in this case so I have a degree of doubt over your claim.
You may well be right but I’d like something official before I risk going through the update. Obviously I want to do it before I get the game, if it is needed.

Check out the info on the Windows Store… It says it there…

FM7 Windows
by Peter Smith, on Flickr

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Ah, thankyou very much. I’d looked in most places except for the Windows store. Cheers for the confirmation. :slight_smile:

If you know what you are doing, it can sometimes be better to just download the latest version of windows 10 and do a fresh install. I do that on each of the major OS updates, have done for a long time whenever anything big like a service pack comes along. Saves on issues, and also helps you keep your system running nice and fast. Its part of the reason why I only have a 120gb ssd for os installation, everything else gets saved/installed on other drives.

This thread is the reason why so many people prefer console gaming over PC gaming. Just install the game, start it up and play!

It’s not that I lack the knowledge (I have many years in the computer support field), but the convenience of console gaming is unbeatable. No hardware requirements to be concerned about for new games - which is awesome too.

I’m not trying to get a console/PC discussion going here. Concerns like those of the OP just confirms how console gaming is the right choice for me.


The people with a lack of knowledge get frustrated because they don’t understand what they’re required to do, people with the knowledge are just tired of doing it so many times and welcome the easy way. That’s the direction of how i think about it as i get younger and younger everyday.

Never understood the (heated) discussions between console players and pc player. Its comparing apples and peers, two completely different platforms. One designed for gaming the other for many things with gaming as an option. Both with their pros and cons.

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System updates required to play on both Xbox and PS4 on a monthly or weekly basis.
Boot issues with many games.
Connectivity issues with for example Destiny 2 and also Destiny 1 if you’ve been away from the game for too long.

PS4 or PS4 pro?
Xbox One, One S or One X…

If you have problems hold this button to clear the cache or call support…

I’m sorry buddy… Consoles are slowly becoming like PC’s :wink: (and I play on both platforms, so I don’t have opinon on what’s better).

I’m on Windows 10 Enterprise here at work, and I have 15063. So clearly it has been added automagically as I didn’t add it myself. My system is also completely stable.

PC Master Race FTW. I have been running the creators update since it came out and never had a single problem with it but then again I do a clean install every month cause I run a pirated version of win 10 creators update so the person that releases the os onto the internet puts a updated release on the internet once a month and I download it and do a clean install of it and my pc stays running fast and clean with no problems whatsoever. The only problems I’ve had with win 10 were with the beta win 10 versions since I’m a win 10 beta tester for pc side.