Game not showing up in windows

I don’t know if anybody else have this issue but the only way I can start the game is by going thru the windows store , search for F7 then launch the game.

I have no shortcut in the start menu and it doesn’t show up if I search it in cortana bar.

When the game is launched and I ‘‘alt+tab’’ it, there’s no icon on the taskbar ! I have to go back thru ‘‘alt+tab’’.

Is there any way I can fix that ?

Have you already tried wsreset ?

hit win-key and type ‘wsreset’ and enter. wait until the window closes and the store opens again. maybe you need to restart the pc after …

Just did that and it didn’t solved my issue. Still can’t have a desktop icon or start menu icon.

It does show in your search though right? Can you not right click on the icon in search and select “pin to start”?

No that’s one of the weird thing about it , it doesn’t ! I see it in the installed apps of my computer and in windows store. Nowhere else

Hey just wondering if you found a way to fix this? I’m seeing the exact same thing on Windows 10. I can see Forza Hub and Forza Horizon 3 but not Forza 7.

Hi… I’m having the exact same issue

Hi… I’m having the exact same issue

This also happened to me but on Forza Horizon 3. I dont have desktop icon , I can only access through window store , also the PIN TO START button is grey out , I found that the exe file is somehow locked under permission , cant even unlock it. HELP FORZA TEAM :frowning:

Same problem here, no reference in start menu and not in search bar. Only able to start Horizon 3 from the Windows Store.