Game not loading

Basically as the title says, it just gets stuck on the picture of the Ford GT after the opening credits. I have the ultimate edition digital copy.

Anyone else had this problem?


I did.

Did a full power cycle of the console and it fixed the problem. If your Xbox is in instant on mode, simply turning it off and then on won’t work; you have to go into the settings and tell it to manually restart.

Good luck!

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Cheers…worked a treat. I had it set to instant on so all my restarting mustn’t have done anything lol.


Try doing a system reset (hard boot) as below:
1 – from the Dashboard, out of all games, hold the X button on the front of the console down until it shuts the system down.
2 – Disconnect the external power from the wall plug (or at least disconnect the wall-side connector on the power pack itself.
3 – WAIT until all power drains from the external power pack (no light, either white or dull orange showing on the pack).
4 – Reconnect the power supply to the electrical outlet.
5 – Restart the console in the usual manner, i.e., either with the controller or a short push on the X button on the front of the X1.
6 – WAIT until the console self-checks and fully boots to the Dashboard before attempting anything.

If you don’t disconnect the external power pack and let the power completely drain out, the system is still retaining “old” stuff and not resetting. If there are any updates indicated, DO NOT interrupt them or play any game until the downloads are finished completely.

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Unless the hard restart includes removal of the power to the external power pack AND letting that device drain completely, it is just like being in standby mode. Nothing changes, except when we force the full shutdown.