Game not detecting controller

Had a strange problem with my Xbox Elite Series 2 controller (connected via usb), and this is my last resort…

Controller was working fine in FH5 until a couple of days ago, now the game won’t detect it at all. When plugged in, I can’t press any buttons, move on the menu etc, it’s as if there’s no controller attached.

Controller firmware is up to date, controller works fine on both Xbox and other games on PC, other controllers work fine in game, totally at a loss! Are there any config files that I can clear out to see if there’s a corrupt file there causing an issue?

EDIT Controller works fine in bluetooth mode too, just not when plugged in via USB

there is a issue where in Forza Horizon 5 the game loads me in the world with car and i cant use my Series X controller pressing triggers, buttons etc wont do anything have to close game and come back in, has happened to me around 4 times now. So I’m at a festival site or i fast travel to my house then load back into the game world then controller wont work :frowning: not sure if this helps but just what i am finding :slight_smile:

Thanks, but totally different issue to mine.