Game not delivering

Ok, so I preordered the game at least two months in advance to its release, I got the game last Thursday, and I do not have any of the new cars, no ram runner, or willys jeep, or mustang. Also, I do not have the option to play in online free roam. I don’t know what to do and I am a little disappointed.

Sounds like you’re not connected to Live.

Sounds like you’re on X360. Which system do you have?

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360 does all the other stuff only come with the xbox one or will it eventually come out for 360?

Did the same thing with me. If you have the demo, go delete it. That restored the ability to join online

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360 doesn’t have the Ram Runner or the newest Mustang (yet?). The Willys Jeep is a barn find so you will get that eventually.

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read the forums for this info, 360 version has nearly nothing which was originally advertised to the xbox one version.

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The jeep will be a barn find while the mustang is not pot on x360, nor is the ram runner.

I don’t know why you can’t join online, I would check your settings and connection. Deleting the demo wouldn’t hurt either.

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I didn’t get the demo, should I get it then delete it again?

those cars are Xbox One Exclusive, except for the Willy’s Jeep
The demo on the other hand is Xbox One Exclusive so there’s no way it has anything to do with that.
Overall the 360 version is a huge disappointment man, should of gotten the Xbox One version bro :confused:

Ok thanks to all who replied, truly appreciated

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The jeep is a barn find in the xbox one version at least. Also I didn’t see that you have the 360 version which is completely different.