Game not allowing controller input (Press 'A' For Menu)! Help Please!?

Hi, i purchased the game on friday and had a quick go friday night and managed another quick game earlier today
I’m mid way through my first round of 4 races.

However I have just tried loading the game up to complete my series and it gets as far as the ‘Press ‘A’ For Menu’ screen and the only input it recognises from my controller is the home button.

I had a similar problem with the demo which was fixed by clearing the MAC address and persistant storage, unfortunately any attempts at a similar fix have thusfar proved unsuccessful.

If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

(Oh i did try doing a cold boot also)

Thanks in advance

I’ve also been having problems with controller input - the D-pad menu inputs sometimes fail to register. So far I’m getting the sense that it’s a memory problem - it’s taking time for all the menu items to load into memory.

This may bear no resemblance to your problem.

Ive haf the same thing happen, but I found pressing the home button then going straight back in again sorted itself out

I had to close down the game and restart it completely.

Yep same problem here, have to quit out the game to fix it.

have you updated your controller’s firmware ever?

I have had this problem recently as well.
all i had to do was go to, Settings/Devices and Accessories
then select the controller and make sure it is assigned to your profile.
hope this helps i did a full uninstall/install before I figured it out