Game mostly silent (X1X)

The game plays the opening sounds fine (Playground, T10 logos, Senna intro screen, loading screen), however as soon as I have any form of control (menus or driving), the game audio cuts out. No music, no sound effects, complete silence. If I fast-travel to force a load, during that loading screen the audio plays, however it cuts out as soon as I return to the game world. This is not a console issue - dashboard audio works fine. Game version is per the My games and apps screen. These are not general “hitches” in audio, this is a complete lack of sound.

Both HDMI and optical audio are connected to the Xbox One X, in bitstream Dolby Digital mode, however this also applies when using headphones connected directly to the controller in stereo mode (no spatial effects). This persists even after restarting the console.

This seems to have resolved itself with the change of seasons to autumn.