Game locks up when searching for tune setups

When searching for tune setups for a car, I’ll be able to scroll through a couple of setups and then the game will just lock up. The music will continue to play, but the controls aren’t responsive and I can’t interact with the game. When this happens I’m forced to return to the xbox menu and quit the game from there.

This only seems to have started happening recently, so I’m not sure if it’s specific to any given car or something else. I do know that I’ve experienced it with the last few cars I have tried.

I have tried both hard resetting and reinstalling the game with no success.

Has anybody come across this issue before?

oh yes, you’re not alone…
personally I can’t load tunes for Stingray C7, Hurst/Olds 442

others people can’t load Supra FF…

I’ve been told the same thing about the BMW M1 (the new one), the Jeep Willys MB (basically the old Jeep from World War II), the Supra FF from the older pack, the Oldsmobile Hurst 442, the Supra RZ (the one you get as a choice at the beginning of the game), the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 2002, the Mazda MX-5 2016, the Hummer H1 Alpha and many more.

Some people’s game freezes whenever they want to pick a few cars, such as: the 2002 Nissan GT-R R34, the Supra RZ. It seems to be particular to JDM Icons, especially for me, as I can’t use them anymore. You can either turn to the Fast & Furious Editions, which aren’t as OP but still good, or buy a new one if you’re lucky enough. The R34 has always been my favourite and when I was three, I would associate it. Too bad I can’t drive it anymore, because it got me some solid times on Rivals.

It’s either time you start tuning, or simply accept the fact you won’t use those cars.

Yep same issue here, plus I have a couple cars in my garage that if I click on them the game locks up again

My game has been freezing when I pick my A-Class 1969 Mustang boss 302, I have 2 of them and both freeze. Then today I was racing and tried to pick my B-class 1973 Firebird Trans Am SD-455 and the game froze. this has been happening about a month or so. Does anyone know if there is a patch or update for the game? This is really getting bad. HELP!!!

Happened while searching for the Ford transit one lol…probably easy just to make your own build and trial and test it out.

I have the same issue with the Camaro SS (American Muscle). When I click on “load upgrade” within 2 seconds time, the game locks up but the music and sounds continue to play. I suspected a faulty upgrade config in the list so I attempted to test by real quickly selecting a random setup just to move past the selection screen. Game still locked up on upgrade confirmation dialog as I wasn’t really willing to spend my CR on a random upgrade anyway. Not sure if that experiment helps anyone debug…

I’ve played this game since release week. Never missed a beat.
Just tried to load a tune for the Skyline R34, and it too freezes.
Reload/Reboot makes no difference.
How can this still be an issue!

I had that issue happen when trying to load a tune for a particular car a few weeks ago. I don’t remember which or I’d mention it, but it was the same one when it happened both times.

I just started playing last month, and figured that’d be the easy way to go to start since I’m a newbie, but since the lock ups, I gave up on going through tunes in the game and I just do the calculations myself in the ForzaTune app for my phone.

Luckily (knock on wood) no lockups when choosing cars. If that starts to happen, I may cry.

People can’t mess with the tune files to try to crash your game on purpose, can they?

1953 vett makes the game lock up when i go into the tune section of horzion 2…we need a patch!!!

I cant see this problem ever getting a patch or fixed… Once forza 6 came out they kinda forgot about horizon2…
You can still go buy the game but its broken :\
Rather not work out how much I’ve spent with car packs, VIP, storm island, map etc etc. Too much not to be able to use the cars i want.
Not fit for purpose if you cant race in a racing game.
(goods, including video games, digital or disk and also DLC content must be fit for purpose and “free from minor defects”) (UK)