Game just started crashing on both Xbox One X and PC in the same manner.


I have been playing the game for the last couple of days with no problems via Gamepass on both my Xbox One X and my PC.

I went to play the game about 40 mins ago on my PC and it crashed when accessing the menu after being in the game for about 2mins. I rebooted a couple of times and did a few others things but it crashed in exactly the same circumstances each time. I decided to reinstall on my PC and play on the Xbox for a while instead.]

When I tried playing on the Xbox in crash in exactly the same circumstances as the PC. This got me to thinking that the problem must lie elsewhere, possibly with my account or a new bug thats been introduced today?

Anyone got any ideas?

I haven’t seen any updates on this so far was kinda hoping they would keep in touch more to let us know what exactly is going on

before the update I could play 30 minutes now after the update I can not play more than 10 min all the time crashing.
Ryzen 2600x not overclocked
gtx 980 4gb
16 gb ram