Game isn't saving

I’ve bought FH4 like 2 days ago and im still at the start. I know this subject is most likely asked alot, but i cant find the answer that would work for me. I have tried leaving the game by being in the house and shutting the app down from deskop. Still doesnt work. I’ve tried re-installing my game. Doesn’t work. At this point, im pretty desperate, because I’ve done the same missions over 5 times. The weird thing is at the start i’ve chosen the Audi, and then went to do some missions, and then tuned it a little bit (idk if this is the right word), and the car upgrades stay on it, but everyday when i come on I drive from that FH4 garage. Please if someone has any ideas at all what to do, would be appreciated. Thank you…

Do you have the demo installed? Try deleting it if you do.

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I’m downloading it rn. Whats the difference? these things are pretty unknown for me. Thank ya

demos are not the full game , and are not connected to the full game

So i have downloaded demo, went playing etc. I’ve done missions, opened a couple of wheelspins, got some cars, also cars upgrade. Only one mission out of 5 or more ive done has saved. No cars got saved, nothing. So i went and gave it another try and I bought a Nissan 370z or whatever it is, and after that one a Nissan GT-R. Also gave them full upgrades. None of those upgrades saved and also not the GT-R. Only the 370z got saved, without the upgrades. I also went “knocking down the signs”, ive knocked down 2 of them, and none saved. So im basically in autumn now, with 1 car that i bought, same bal as it was when i bought it and the car has no upgrades. Im pretty desperate rn, have no motivation for playing this game… Someone that knows what to do please help :slight_smile:

Looks like you read his response wrong
He said if DO have the demo installed then delete the demo…the demo has no save function at all

For me to force a save every single time i play i go to the festival site when I’m about to turn off , I enter and then exit which forces a save

After u go to the festival site, how do u turn it off? From the deskop or is there an option, that i cant find.

I go into the festival site and then exit it …wait for the little circle to stop spinning…then pause and then press exit

Are you on xbox or PC

This OP has to be trolling. Doesn’t know what a demo or a game is and can’t read game menus. I don’t buy it. No one can be this uninformed or lazy (too lazy to even google simple facts and answers).

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Not to mention the gamertag

You just be mad cause you didn’t think of it first🤣

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