Game is taking space in my drive but its says I have to reinstall it.

I moved Forza 7 to a new drive on my PC 5 days ago and been having problems running it, the game is using 96 GB on my drive but its says I have to reinstall it (repair). I was like ok fine maybe I’ve encountered a problem while transferring it, the thing is that im trying to download a 100 GB file over 1.2 MB down speed. even worst after 3 days of downloading the download went going just like a post was posted a while ago and last time i checked it was 130 GB, Today when i woke up it started from scratch?? I cant take this anymore the internet is unusable while downloading due to the low download speed, is there any way to fix this? Thanks!

Send an email to with your gamertag, game version, and platform platform details.

ok thanks