Game is complete TRASH

I have owned every Forza game on the Xbox 360 and am sad to say this game is full of glitches and locks up while in paint every 10 min. or so. I am very upset at the quality of the game. Never will i buy another Forza game again. I guess i will have to stick to PC gaming for real driving and racing games. goodbye FORZA…

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Is it trash or a good buy. Make up your mind.



That just made me spill my coffee.

I think he ment to say goodbye.

Unfortunately for him, looks like he doesn’t own a Xbox One. Otherwise he would love FH2 :+1:

Remember, 360 version was done by Sumo Digital. I have never heard of Sumo Digital till it was announced they were doing 360 version, while Playground Games was doing Xbox One version.

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I have an Xbox One and have yet to experience any problems in terms of freezing or bugs. I’m a happy gamer. :wink:

All sumo did was the programming. T10 design the game and map and provide all the Forza assets to Sumo. Anyone blaming Sumo alone is more naive than I thought.


He’s moaning like FH2 was meant to be played on 360, and like T10 have everything to do with it. How can you give up and say goodbye to a series you apparently love so much when not playing it as it’s intended to be played? Times have moved on, as have consoles, and thus game developers. Some people just don’t get it…

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Well the xbox one version is awesome, i cannot comment on the 360 version as i don’t have it

Your mistake was buying it on the Xbox 360, the Xbox One version is perfect. However with the way you’re posting it’s almost leading me to believe there is an issue on your end rather than with the game as a whole…

Not really constructive is it and it is of course your opinion which doesn’t make it fact I’m afraid.

This ^^^^^^

Either way, no one here really cares if you’re disgusted & saying goodbye to Forza franchise! I know I love my Xbox One. Definitely love my Thrustmaster TX. FH2 on Xbox One reminds me of the fun I had playing Project Gotham Racing 2 on Xbox Original. I definitely can’t wait to play Project Cars November 18th.

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I’m not a loyal Forza fan. I prefer Xbox & I prefer sim racing titles. On Xbox it’s Forza. I got FM1-FM5. Horizon 2 is first Horizon game I bought. I’m really excited for Project Cars because it looks like they will take my console sim racing experience in the direction I want it to head to.

To me, Forza Motorsport has gotten stale & entirely to many cars (not saying FM5 for obvious reasons). Some which don’t have no business being in the game. To me, with the name Motorsport, game should focus on the motorsport. Cars that are really raced. Why include the A-Team van or other extremely pointless vehicles is beyond me.

I’m all about sim based titles that takes the next step & Project Cars looks to do that.

FH2 was first arcade racing game I bought since PGR4 (which I thought stunk. My favorite PGR are part 2 & 3).

Listen i am just saying they should not have released this game at all on the 360 if it had so many problems. I say just recall it and not let a badly developed version be sent out before being fully tested. The 360 version is TRASH and full of bugs.

BUGS 1 Paint… When transferring Vinyl groups from Horizon 1 to 2 you cant see any of Horizon 1’s Vinyls.

bugs 2 Paint… Sometimes when adding a vinyl from Horizon 1 to to your car game locks up.

Bugs 3 Driving…Car falls through map like all over the place.

Bugs 4 Night driving… Cant see far enough.

Bugs 5 Night time last way longer than day.

Bugs 6 Street lights are way too dim.

Bugs 7 When you change cars online mode car loses engine sounds.

Bugs 8 turned off traction control on fully tuned Boss 302 mustang and cant even do a burnout. WHAT A JOKE…

I found all this in only a couple hours of game play.
The game testers who let this game be released in this condition should be fired or demoted to floor sweepers.
Sorry if i piss off any loyal Forza fans but think about all the money being paid to play a game that was clearly not ready for release. Xbox 360 users should be refunded and the game pulled from the 360 platform.

Best racing game ever on PC… GTR2… with Pilsbierbude Bierbuden-Auto-Updater 2.1.

3811 Cars
553 tracks

Thank you for your input.