Game is broken after a bug almost a week now.

So, I already send a ticket, no ones answred me until now. since saturday

Sorry about my english, it is not my first language.

I will copy the ticket here, its explain the issue.
Pc version.

"I was streaming Forza Horizon 4 yesterday (saturday) until a bug occur than the game just crashes.
Like I said I was streaming so I Have a clip of the bug. >> Twitch

After that I can’t open the game anymore, it just crashes after the first screen.
I have a clip of that too >> Twitch

I already tried to repair the game and uninstall and reinstall the game. Nothing works, same issue like the second clip.
Now, I just bought Lego DLC and can’t play the game, it does not work anymore.

Maybe my car still stuck underground, so game crashes because of it when try to load the gamesave. I don’t no.

I managed to open the game without the synchronization ( a new game ) and it works like a charm, but I lost everything, lvl 0 cars money… everything and I do not want that, so I let the game sync again with my original save with all my stuff and the game stops to work again.

So I’m pretty sure the problem is in my gamesave somehow.
I never see a bug brake a game that way.

Probably turn my gamesave back sometime solves the issue, but I don’t know if it is a possibility.

Now is nothing I can do anymore, please help me with the fix to that.

Thank you."


i have EXACTLY the same issue Got the same bug and now i cant play … please find a fix for this !

I do have the same exact problem. Is getting a new save, resetting your progress the only way you can fix it? if so that sucks. There is more people with similar problems.

The error for me also happened in exact same place, so I guess that corner/junction is the problem. :confused:

i have EXACTLY the same issue Got the same bug and now i cant play … please find a fix for this !

Hey guys! I think i found the bug I find it when I go into the game without connexion. I think it’s an update crash. I got the same problem but I didn’t found how to fixed that I uninstall and reinstall the game to and reset my computer to but nothing to do if someone find how we can update the game it’s good :smiley:

Same issue fir me too. Cant load my save file now. I’ll hope for the FIX

Exactly same corner and i was drifting too. Plz fix that!!!

I have the same problem with you, and it happened on the same day. I can’t solve it until we start all over again, but I don’t feel like losing all my cars and CR. My Video:地坪线4加载存档后闪退 - YouTube
If you can solve this problem, please let me know. Thank you.

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Thank U Forza for your help.

Did they do something to fix it??? Can you tell what? and how to reach them :smiley: =) Thanks

Same to me happend 6 days ago!!!

yep same [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] happened to me during a forzathon event but on a different location… it’s hella frustrating. i don’t know if i should wait for an update or just reset the game and remove my save and lose all my cr and cars… i tried reinstalling the game and downloading it again for 3 times now and i have a monthly cap of 500gb on my internet i even reset windows which deleted all my apps and it still isn’t working… it’s obviously an issue with the save game

Same problem here

Now I have the same issue too. I can not play the game at all. Only with a new save, but that is unacceptable. Need a fix for that ASAP. Ticket created #42547. Please take a look at it.