Game has restarted

My issue is that when I took my Xbox One to my cousins home, and plugged it in and turned it on to play Forza Horizon 2. The xbox said that it couldn’t load the data from the local saves. So it told me to delete the local saved game and to play the game through the cloud but when I did that it had made me restart the whole game and now I don’t know how to get my game to play the way it was before this happened. How can I restore my in game data? Thank you

Contact Helios T10 on these forums.

Also send an email to

It may also help to get in touch with Microsoft Support. The more they hear about this, hopefully them ore inclined they will be to do something. It is ridiculous and unfair to the paying customer to use a product as intended and to follow the directions given to basically lose their product. Forza Motorsports may have game save file sizes that are easily 10 times that of other games, but considering that Forza is developed by a Microsoft Studio it should work better than any other game out there, not worse. Microsoft should be ensuring that their product is the best one out there and that their product works with their system. Sure, there are a lot of issues due to poor choices and user error but there are also plenty of issues where the gamer has done nothing wrong and followed every direction given to them and lost their save.

Hopefully this can get fixed, if nothing else, in the next Turn 10 game to be released this fall.