Game goes to Black Screen when I get to first festival

Can someone help. Game goes black once I drive the huracan to the festival. I tried a hard boot. I unplugged cord from back of XboxOne. I even checked for updates. Once I go through what seems to be the entrance all goes black but controller still responds with vibrations and such. Can any one assist?

Try a re-install of the game. When it is installing, do not play until it is all 100% finished. That goes for game then the updates as well.

Does that also apply for the first installation?

Install the game and do not play until it is at 100%.

When you first install the game, it may prompt you with an update as well. If it does, it’s downloading the update as it installs. Wait for 100% completion.

If it does not prompt an update, wait for 100% install and then start the game. Upon launch, the game will say “oops, there is an update, proceed?” Click yes and wait until the game is at 100% before playing.

Typically, it is best to always wait on games on the Xbox One - especially digital games - because it means there is less things for it to do and lowers the chances of errors, issues, or a poor install.

On disc games I always suggest installing in offline mode, then connecting to the internet to get the updates and DLC, then when everything is done is I play. This is how I do it.
On digital games, I let it all finish, download any DLC I am getting, and once it’s all done I play.

Thanks so much for your help. I will give it a try. :smiley:

Thanks, I made an error on every download then… At least, I haven’t gotten anything wrong or an error message so far.