Game fully bugged: DLC car not unlocked, full ATH missing


I am kind of super bored by the numerous problems I have on this game.
I was really happy during the first weeks, but for now time goes for disappointment… :confused:

These are the main problems I have:

  • Ferrari Monza SP2 is still locked this day while it was supposed to be unlockable yesterday
  • I have no more ATH (no speedmeter, no minimap, no position nor progression during race…)
  • Game has so times where is seems deathly pixelized, like if you are on youtube with not enought bandwith and then it decreases quality. I’ve optical fiber and no problem in an y game except FH5.
  • When playing on Horizon live, I have no traffic at all and previous problem is more and more happening…

Of course I tried to remove the game, clean registry and then reinstall the game. But nothing changed.
Could someone help me to be able to play again to my favourite game in acceptable conditions?

A really disappointed player…

Please read the PLEASE READ thread pinned above for troubleshooting.

Monza should unlock fine. In the Carpasswindow press the button with 3lines or buy in Autoshow (free)
UI → Try to pin some accolade (force some ui) elements should come back. Make sure SkillChainCounter is also back (played around with it yesterday to find the mainissue)

What GPU is in use? Dynamic resolution?
Traffic is there most of the time since last update

Well, you resolved all my problems/
Thank you so much dude, really!