Game freezes for 2-3 seconds at random

I’ll be racing, and all of a sudden the game pauses for between one and two seconds. Happens every so often. I’d love to know what causes it?

Which CPU and GPU do you have, and also, how much RAM?

Same here. I run the game perfectly in 60fps, but randomly the game freezes 2-3 seconds and then continue.

Have you tried turning off as many background programs as you can before running the game? One of those could be the culprit potentially.

I have a i5 3.7GHz. Radeon R9 270X 2GB DDR5 Card and 16 GB of system ram. I’ll try turning off all the other stuff and see if it makes a difference. Thanks for the tip Helios

Turn down your settings. You are (most likely) paging to the hard drive due to not enough VRAM (2GB)…

Helios was correct. I turned off all the background programs in the systems tray and set the anti virus to gaming mode and it fixed the problem. No more random freezes. I can run it at ultra (looks like it runs at 25 fps but it still runs) Not sure which program is causing the issue, but I honestly don’t care.